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Happy Marriage Ch6 New Part 2 Final

Release Year: 2019

Jenny is a lovely wife she’s 32 years old and married for 5 years. Family life is normal she loves a lot her husband Jim and she’s very happy to live with him. After all these years of marriage routines start to take over her life; house chores, work and shopping are ‘the’ everyday activities. The days when she and Jim spent time together seem so far in time. Today she’s going to her annual medical examination; here the story starts…

v.1.06 (part 2)
Added 670 new CGs
Three new steps in three storylines (The Challenge, Only the three of us, My prey)
New feature: the game will show you the important gameplay state for the current scope. This will help you understand better the effects of your actions.
New feature: added the possibility to rollback (i.e. go backward when playing a step). There’s a new button on the bottom left corner with a double arrow to left direction; simply click on it to go back one CG.
New feature: added the possibility to skip CGs to the next first option/hotspots. There’s a new button on the bottom left corner with a double arrow in right direction; simply click on it. If no option/hotspots are found it simply moves to the last CG of the storyline step.
Added the character name when hovering on his/her face.
Corrected various bugs regarding internal variables handling.
Corrected a bug that caused an incorrect image being used when saving game.

Note from Uploader: You need first to download and extract Chapter 6 Part 1 (Bigger File) and then download this part 2 Final, extract it and find files ch07 and ch07.manifest in the folder “Chapters” and then copy/paste it in “Chapters” of folder with Chapter 6 Part 1. In this way you will update Chapter 6 Part 1 -> Part 2 Final. Of course if you have this file Chapter 6 Part 1 from earlier you don’t need to download it again.

Release Date: 08.05.2019
Language: English
Version: Chapter 6 – Part 2
Censored: No
Genre: All sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Erotic Adventure, Hardcore sex, Lesbian, Public Sex, Sexy Girls, Threesome, Visual novel, Voyeur
OS: Windows

File size: 2.1 GB