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PlayHome (Illusion)

Release Year: 2017

Genre: 3D, Constructor, BDSM, Handjob, Blowjob, All sex
Censorship: uncen
Platform: PC/ WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows
Language: jap/eng

System requirements:

One day the main character left a act plans revenge to Koichi who stopped it.
And showed a tusk in the of a remarriage partner of Koichi and the companion of the So on greed.
and who receive severe torture while be monkeyed around by humiliation and fear, Shame and pleasure.
And "the normal Home" piled up makes a sound, and collapse while rolling up Koichi….

Another face of families peeping a face in a thought to be broken, and to go for before long.
When the covered inside was revealed, a new relationship is born of a broken family.

"Crash from these beginning!"

The play that is any religion other than Buddhism developed with "ideal house" itself as [toy].
The introduction that is Daaku heaps up more radical and hard Play contents.

Basic installation (an example of an unpacking sequence of archives):
1. PlayHome Game
.. \ PlayHome + Updates \ Playhome [All-in-one Re-Pack] .rar
.. \ PlayHome + Updates \ Updates \ Updates.rar
2. Translation (partial)
-English localization
.. \ Translations \ Kenzato PH Full v4.1.rar
.. \ Necessary Plugins \ IPA_3.3.rar
3. Withdrawal of censorship
.. \ Uncensor \ PH_Uncensor_v1.4.rar

Total size: 33.5 GB in 7 files.